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Not Reading This Book

Updated: May 17, 2023

If you've stumbled upon and wondering if you should read Blockbuster Living– I have a chapter for that. And you’re not alone. In the first act of many a good film, the hero often hems and haws over the course they are about to commit to.

You see, I’m trying to get you to star in the short film: Reading This Book. Perhaps you were intrigued or affected in some way by seeing a social media post or heard about it from someone.“Oh, interesting idea, I should read more books” or “Oh, I like movies... but self-help stuff... I don't get it.” If there was any change in consciousness, any change in your catalog of experience and thoughts, you may have experienced a tiny dramatic beat, which at the beginning of a film is called the catalyst. What comes after the catalyst? You guessed it: Doubt and debate.

Yup, by visiting and reading this you've started the movie. Remember it’s only a short film. (Just 174 pages.) Thanks for watching.

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